Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda welcomes Rwandans and other nationalities who wish to celebrate their civil marriage in accordance with Rwandan marriage Law. The Embassy of the republic of Rwanda is a legally recognized office of registrar for marriages by the Government of Rwanda.

An appointment is required to give notice of marriage at our consular office. You must both attend in person to give your Notices of Marriage.

A Notice of Marriage is the legal preliminaries to a civil marriage where by each party to the proposed marriage must attend in person before a Registrar and declare that they are legally free to marry and produce certain documents.


-          Payment of $15.00.

-          Both of you must be 18 years old or over.

-          You will need to produce your passport as proof of your nationality. Either one or both of you must be Rwandan national.

-          VISA or Residence Permit from Ethiopian/Djibouti relevant authorities

-          Authenticated deed for the proof of settlement of the dowry to the family of the fiancée.

-          You must both provide “attestation de celibat”.

-          If either of you have been married before, you will need your original final divorce/dissolution papers bearing the court's original stamp*. If divorce/dissolution papers are not in Kinyarwanda, English or French you must provide a translation in addition to the original documents. If you are giving notice and following your divorce, you have reverted back to your maiden/previous name (which is different to that on the decree absolute); then your previous marriage certificate will be required to confirm the original name. Please ask when you make your appointment booking if you think that this may apply to you.

-          If your husband or wife died, a death certificate must be produced. If your name does not appear anywhere on that death certificate, then we will require to see your previous marriage certificate to confirm your relationship to the deceased.

-          Other documents may also be required depending on circumstances. For example, any change of name documents such as deed poll or change of name deed.

-          Please Note that onn the day of the wedding, you will need to bring with you at least two other people who are prepared to witness the ceremony and sign to that effect (if an interpreter is required they must act as a witness).

Your marriage cannot go ahead unless the legal formalities have been completed. Notice of marriage must be given in person to the Registrar by you and your partner.