The Embassy issues Criminal Records Certification behalf of the Prosecutor General of National Public Prosecution Authority for Rwandans and foreigners who may wish to have a Police Clearance for a time stayed in Rwanda. This is a document issued by the Embassy as a result of background check for any the criminal record that the applicant may have. Please note the following requirements for police clearance;

·         Application letter addressed to the Prosecutor General;

·         A copy of a valid passport

·         A copy of a valid visa (for a foreigner who applies in a country in which he/she is not a citizen)

·         A document showing that he/she once lived in Rwanda)

·         Two recent passport pictures showing both sides of the face

·         Payment of USD 10 for the certificate at the embassy

-         Pay to the Embassy Accountant and provide you receipt generated by RRA payment system.


•         Applying and collecting the certificate is done by the concerned applicant

•         A person applying for inscription in a higher institution of learning or university is not required to have this certificate

•         For job applicants, this certificate is delivered to a person who has obtained an employment offer before starting work

•         The validity of this certificate is six months.

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